Wyndham Furniture

Wyndham Design is a bespoke furniture company providing exceptional pieces to some of the most desirable residences in London. We offer a full consultancy, design and custom furniture manufacturing service. Versatile designs include fitted wardrobes, dressing rooms, media cabinets, studies, libraries and creative storage solutions all designed, custom made and fitted. We also offer a full architectural joinery service for both interior and exterior doors.

Materials and manufacture are the backbone of the business and only the best are used. Fluent in a combination of materials including wood, metal, glass and fabrics, our furniture is made using a combination of traditional techniques with the very latest machinery and technology to ensure accuracy and detailing are never overlooked.

Our complete service is personal, capable and well thought-out, combining timeless elegance with practical design. We liaise closely with you to turn initial ideas into beautiful pieces of furniture.