Wagstaff Interiors Group

Founded in 1903, The Wagstaff Interiors Group is now one of the most highly respected and significant names in the interiors and logistics business. We have a long history of steady growth combined with a policy of continual investment. This allows us to work from a strong financial base, enabling us to offer you our customised interior refurbishment leasing packages to meet your needs. Wagstaff Interiors Group operates a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000, a Environmental Management System in accordance with BS EN ISO 14001 and a Health & Safety Management System in accordance with OHSAS 18001 although these are stand alone systems, they are integrated throughout our operations. Wagstaff monitor and ensures full compliance as an ongoing function. This practice is also applied to all our Manufacturing Partners and Third Party Companies under the Wagstaff banner, who are carefully selected through a strategy placed Point Scoring System.