The Baby Cot Shop

Years ago I embarked on a new adventure with my husband & sons, we emigrated to the United States and acquired a beautiful furniture store for infants and children. Prior to that, I had run my own interior design firm, specialising in residential homes. The sale of luxury baby furniture along with my background of design & creativity was a marriage made in heaven and I became a Baby and Child Interior Designer!

In 2008, we moved back to the UK and I established The Baby Cot Shop, (then Punkin Patch Interiors.) I sought out the most beautiful, high-quality furniture and linens found in Europe. My sojourn in America had exposed me to the world of bespoke, handcrafted items. I also became infused with the core values of high quality, individuality and attention to detail. Those same values have been transferred to our products and the delivery of our services.

We are proud to present the world's most beautiful furniture, bedding and accessories for babies and children.