Established in 2007, Robiny is the fusion of two passionate individuals Luham Mallah and Zoran Markovic who work closely with their team of artisan cabinetmakers to bring life to bespoke furniture design. Robiny's philosophy is simple, exquisite design and attention to detail applied to functionality and traditional values in customer service.

With a background in international business, Luham has worked with clients who demand impeccable standards while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. It is this ethos that ensures that all Robiny projects are executed with as much importance placed on budget, logistics and project management as all the more visual aspects of creating beautiful products.

Zoran has been a professional designer and bespoke cabinetmaker for 30 years, working both in the UK and internationally. The depth and passion of his understanding of working with wood is clearly what enables him to produce such stunning design and workmanship.