Gallery Forty One

In an age where most furniture doesn't last five years let alone five hundred, Kate Thurlow's Gallery Forty One allows you to encounter early antique furniture from around Europe that really has stood the test of time. The craftsman made chairs, chests and tables jostle for your attention alongside ornate French giltwood mirrors and curiosities such as Indian fertility amulets made from seedpods.

Kate Thurlow has been selling the early and unusual since the 1970s. This will enable the business to increase online presence whilst retaining a showroom for customers who still seek the physical and visual experience of the real thing.

Set over one floor the dove grey walls are covered with sparkling mercury plate mirrors, a variety of antique textiles and Indian miniature paintings while the space is filled with English and Continental domestic furniture, charming painted cupboards and deep French armchairs some upholstered in colourful antique Kilim.